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Offices and Administrative Areas

Ensuring that your office spaces are as clean as possible keeps your business running in top shape.

We use the following process to keep your office spaces clean:

  1. Dust or vacuum hard surface flooring to ensure dust free floors.
  2. Vacuum all carpeted areas and rugs, moving light furniture.
  3. Empty all waste containers and replace plastic liners in accordance with building’s recycling program. Damp wipe waste containers when liquid or food residue is present.
  4. Remove waste paper and waste materials to the collection area of the building using janitor carts/carriages. Place waste material in trash receptacles in accordance with building’s recycling program.
  5. Dust with a microfiber cloth or mitt all horizontal surfaces that can be reached without a ladder, such as desks, file cabinets, binder bins, cubicles, window sills, bookcases, ledges, trim, etc.
  6. Spot clean to remove dirt, finger marks, smudges, etc. from all doors, doorframes, switch plates, walls, glass areas adjacent to doors, floor to ceiling partition glass, push plates, handles, railings, etc.
  7. Clean, polish, and sanitize all drinking fountains and water coolers using a green solution.
  8. Wet wipe counters and tabletops in coffee/kitchen areas.
  9. Spot clean all glass entrance doors and side panels to remove finger marks, smudges, etc. with a microfiber cloth.
  10. Spot clean all carpet, as needed, throughout the building.
  11. Dust baseboards, chair rails, trim, louvers, moldings, and other “low-dust” areas.
  12. Damp mop, with microfiber wet mop, uncarpeted areas.
  13. Damp wipe clean interior building metal, including doors, knobs, hinges, lock faceplates, door saddles, push plates, kick plates, etc. using a microfiber cloth dampened with green cleaner once per week.
  14. Perform high dusting of surfaces not reached in nightly cleaning:
    •  All lighting fixtures, exposed pipes and ducts, ceiling vents, etc.
    • All vertical surfaces, such as partitions, ventilating louvers and vents, walls, trim, etc.
    • Tops of cabinets, files, partitions, vending equipment, refrigerators, etc.
    • Window frames
  15. Turn off lights and secure space when work assignments are complete.
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