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Conference & Meeting Rooms

Make a great first impression by having an immaculate conference room.

We use the following process to clean conference rooms:

  1. Empty waste receptacles and recycling. Replace liners, damp clean.
  2. Clean glass in doors and partitions.
  3. Clean chalkboards/white boards and trays (unless marked SAVE).
  4. Vacuum carpeted floors. Remove gum and soil spots.
  5. Dust mop and damp mop traffic patterns on non-carpeted floors.
  6. Dust furniture surfaces and damp clean table tops.
  7. Spot clean door surfaces.
  8. Dust mop and damp mop non-carpeted floors thoroughly.
  9. Maintain finish on non-carpeted floors, as needed.
  10. High dust vents, lights, pipes, (12 feet and below) and connecting vertical and horizontal wall surfaces.
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