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Clean kitchens, pantries, and lounges don’t just benefit your building, but your employees and company overall.

We use the following steps to ensure your lounge is as clean as it can possibly be:

  1. Empty waste receptacles and replace liners.
  2. Clean tabletops with green solution.
  3. Sinks must be cleaned, if empty.
  4. Disinfect drinking fountain, sink, countertops and fronts, exterior surface of refrigerator and microwave.
  5. Spot clean chairs.
  6. Vacuum carpeted floors with HEPA or triple filtration vacuum. Remove gum and soil spots.
  7. Dust mop and damp mop tiled areas with microfiber.
  8. Clean glass partitions, display cases, and interior door glass.
  9. Spot clean walls, including behind and around waste receptacles.
  10. Thoroughly clean furniture (chairs, tabletops, counter surfaces).
  11. High dust vents, lights, pipes (12 feet and below) and connecting vertical and horizontal wall surfaces.
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