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Common Areas

Common areas can be the highest trafficked areas in your business, our proven process helps to ensure this space is also one of the cleanest.

Our process includes the following steps:

  1. Dust, sweep, and wash hard surface flooring. Remove gum, tar, and other foreign matter from flooring.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum and clean floor mats.
  3. Dust baseboards, trim, louvers, moldings, furnishings, ledges, and all other fixtures.
  4. Clean any building directory, mail depository, and all other decorative metal as needed, using a microfiber cloth, dampened with water only.
  5. Completely clean all entrance and revolving door glass and entryway glass sidelights. Clean all glass in building directory using microfiber cloth.
  6. Empty and clean all waste receptacles and remove waste material to designated areas in the building. Dispose of waste and replace plastic liners in accordance with building’s recycling and/or composting program.
  7. Remove dirt, finger marks, smudges, etc. from doors, door frames, walls up to six feet, switch plates, glass, push plates, handles, railings, moldings, trim, etc. Damp wipe metal trim as necessary using water or acceptable green product only.
  8. Dust/sweep stonework flooring (if used in the building) with microfiber mop to ensure dust-free floors.
  9. Spot mop stonework flooring with microfiber wet mop.
  10. Complete high dusting (as specified under Offices).
  11. Thoroughly vacuum and remove spots and stains from carpeting, including edges and corners.
  12. Clean hard surface floors, using strippers, cleaners and finishes that are certified green.
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