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Immaculate Cleaning specializes in Office Building cleaning and Construction cleaning. Available services can be applied to Common Areas, Office & Administrative Areas, Restrooms, Kitchens/Pantries/Lounges, Conference & Meeting Rooms, and Changing Rooms. Basic services are outlined below, but additions or deletions can be made at the customer’s request.

Common Areas

Common areas are highly trafficked by both your employees and your customers. Put your best food forward by ensuring these areas are as clean and possible, and are free of dust and dirt.

Offices and Administrative Areas

Ensure that your offices and administrative areas are as clean as possible. Clean work spaces keep your employees happy, increasing your revenue.


Our tried and proven techniques with our skilled janitorial staff will keep your building’s restroom areas clean and disinfected.


Clean kitchens, pantries, or lounges allow for a convenient space for you to store, prepare, and enjoy your food at work. Keep your kitchens clean with our trained janitorial staff.

Conference & Meeting Rooms

Your conference and meeting rooms are the space meant to invite potential customers in for conversation, conduct business, or meet with your employees as a team. Keep this space as clean as possible to make a good first impression.

Changing Rooms

Clean changing rooms are an extremely important aspect of any retailer, keep them looking immaculate with our trained janitorial specialists.

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